The Award For Best Lesbian Porn Scene Goes To ...

 Yeah..maybe I will do a whole award series ???  OK LOL.
Clip:  Unknown Movie (is there a shazam for lesbian porn ?)
Actresses: again unknown (Lil Help ?)

Length:  About 40 minutes
Akiss2desire Rating -Highest - 3 orgasms per 40 minute clip and the need for a bath or shower afterwards.

The thing about lesbian porn...and folks, I have seen ALOT of it, is that it's very very rarely unscripted or truly amateur, the two things I am most attracted to.  I go to a specific site and check back way too often only to be dissapointed.  It's not that a fakey, plastic boobed girl in high heels can't sometimes get me off ...even when I know that there are production values to be attained with a multi camera crew, soundman, director and more less than a dozen I would believe taking away any intimacy (love to hear from someone in the business to comment on this). 

Having said that ONE that got me off in so many ways.  As I always say, the purpose of this blog is not to be a porn aggregate...there are enough of those.  But for the girls I am truly trying to reach with this thing, I hope if you are inclined to lady lovin on video, you will check out this recommendation and let me know what you think.

Sorry for the spoilers ..but it seems to truly have an interesting (to me) plot with realism in the story.  An 18 year old is caught masturbating through the window of the cabin by moms friend.   She is beautiful with smallish breasts and delicious looking and fully erect nipples ..and god forbid in 2012 ...has NOT shaved herself.   Natural in every way, I am taken by her.   She is masturbating while looking at a picture on her phone (done that !) and it turns out, it seems to be a picture of the woman who catches her masturbating.  But, in the plot, she never reveals she saw this. 

There is a slow, steady attraction bulding and chemistry buildup within the plot.  Everytime you think it's going to get really "porny" during this, it doesn't.  Feels very natural.  To note something ...the best seductions are mutual, and in this seduction, the 18 year old wants to be taken and lures the ..shall I say MILF (I think thats the first appearance of that acronym on this blog)  while the older lady sure has her own methods of seduction to the 18 year old, which has the viewer in delight as it's clear everyone wants the same thing...but the pacing is scrumptious.

Now to the part where I went from just enjoying this on my own and deciding to reccomend it here.  There is a part where the two finally get to making love, where the older woman is demonstrating exquisite technique ...that anyone watching knows if you were being made love to by that woman ..yes...definitely a big boobed high heel wearing porny sexy pot, I'll give you that ..but her technique on the girl, presumably her first so good in the kissing and licking downward ..finding wonderful place after wonderful place to stimulate with her lips and tongue,   Further down, when tongue hits clit, the young girls chest goes beet red flush ....and does it more the better the tonguing gets.  I don't see this often, and is the primary sign of my own when I am turned on.  I once got caught cheating on a boyfriend in my teens because with the redness of my chest I could NOT deny that something was going on when he returned unexpectedly.   I suppose all women exhibit some signs of t heir blood rush, but I've not known anyone to get as red and "splotchy" as I get during sex ...and almost never do I see it on a vid.  But here is our lesbian virgin clearly getting turned on in a way that can't be acted.    Further indications of the purity of the lesbian sex scene are when the young girl GRIPS the older ones hands as the level of intensity rises. The virginis toe curling orgasm is  R E A L. (though I suspect most lesbian orgasms on film are real while the straight ones I believe are universally faked) And while I never forget in these things that the crew is there and the director is telling them what to do ...these two are having a great time...and dare I say a "moment" together while collecting their paycheck.  And while I mostly am into this from the sincerity of the younger lass, the big boobed porny glamour girl is totally real in her actions. Her breast kisses are  real, her belly licks are real, her mouth work is incredible, her additional finger after the first orgasm is perfect, her thigh kisses, back of knee kiss, and attention to feet and toes are all very real and very very much forgotten aspects of lesbian pornography. 

Then, with personal familiarity, after exhuasting herself on her lover, the older girl comes up and hangs her boobs on her younger lovers face.  Count me in on that technique ...its usually how I go from my "stay down and enjoy me eating you," way of doing things to "ok ...if you are willing it's my turn," where the level of willingness will come forth in exhibition of how she treats my hanging tits.  In our movie clip, the younger lady shows her appreciation with gusto.
The younger one has a pussy eating scene which really looks great and for awhile has me convinced it's maybe the first or one of the first times she's done it as she settles in on one lap licking technique and it appears she may be learning the ropes until she does the "porn girl spit" which causes me to recoil for a moment ...and if I was thinking that the older woman didn't fully get off, I am shown to be perhaps right about that when the older woman, after a putting on a clinic in lesbian "no strap on" doggy style,  humps herself off on the younger girl ...and while that is also a favorite pasttime of mine in my experiences, I certainly have never done it in the manner that is shown on the vid, a reverse back humping which does the trick for the older girl and gets my award for most unique position I have seen in a long time. (a pic of that is enclosed with this post)
We finish with really good photography of the younger womans EXTREMELY EXPERT hand and finger work ...this one needs to go into the archives as an instructional for adventerous lovers in a "how to," and in fact, in looking back, there are many teaching moments in this vid clip.  Including the finale of the two actresses who get a great scissor going on to the end of the scene...which apparently leads to another hinted at by the spying on the two by two young hiking girls.

So ...there is my porn review of a clip that for someone who is looking for the attributes of reality, beauty, sincerity and candor ..the clip I am linking to is worthy of your at Golden Globe and Oscar nomination times ...I nominate for best lesbian clip I saw in 2012 ...this one
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