How I Love To Go Down

I had to post this.  For anyone who has read my blog at I have often tried to describe this, my favorite position for doing my favorite thing ..eating pussy.  It almost never shows up on lesbian porn.  So this post is entitled "how I like to go down" ...but if you watch the vid, I think you will find merit in the beautiful soft eyes and erotic sincerity from the brunette, and from the blondes wonderful nipples.  She really does have nice nipples.  Good golly I am horny after watching this.  Both have very real, unfaked orgasms and after the cameras get done, I bet they go on a date :)
Here is the link

Sincere Honest Multi Orgasmic Lesbian Love Scene w tribbing, anal, fingering, oral

OK...these are actresses acting in an acting scene.  There is a crew and a director is not as intimate as it seems.  But I will be damned if these girls weren't able to block all that out and truly make LOVE>.  This video has SO MUCH and got me off HARD 3x this morning. First, throughout the video the light haired girl with small breasts is just the best, most passionate, most sincere lover. She will do anything to pleasure her girl, and has amazing magic hands that I would die to have do me that way.  She takes her tongue and licks the anus of the dark haired large breasted tattooed girl.
The combinatiion of the finger and the tongue drives her wild.  Later, when the brunette gives, we see how WET that giving her girl pleasure has made the light haired girl.  Each trade multiple orgasms with very sincere and intimate oral, lots of fingering, a little tribbing, erotic tit sucking,  and wonderful and passionate making out.  I am convinced, despite the production, there was little or no acting.   I even have the idea that the scene is over for production purposes and these girls are saying to each other with their kisses and their bodies that "we aren't done yet."   The final kisses are so loving.
As always, I don't know the name of the actresses, so if you know pass it on.

Two Lesbian Blondes Finally Get Me :) (It takes awhile)

Here's the link :

These ladies have some sort of talk dealing with the plot  of what is the cute girls daughter ???  Not sure really ...was drawn in because, sometimes, it's just fun to see porn actresses give their all in ACTING and she did.  The larger breasted, longer haired blonde seems like she might have the IQ of a loaf of bread to be honest, and the director, if they are ad libbing, lets go of an enormous hiccup where one of the women seems to go from "all the girls want me," to, "I've never had lesbian sex before."  But there is an anticipation in building towards the culmination of the seduction.  Lots of setup is rewarded because, as I am always looking for, there are genuine moments of affection once they get going.   The reverse position I have pictured below is ...OMG ...I love this position...and it seems to work genuinely for both of them.  REALLY good tribbing toward the end of the clip from the girl who is supposedly having her first time.  The blonde on bottom of this has very defined leg muscles ..strong...which is really sexy to me.  Lots of breast to breast contact is erotic too.  I LOVE to suck tits when I am on the bottom ...bring it to my mouth, and she does.   I want ...I WANT the Sandy haired blonde with natural boobs ...turned out to be a surprisingly good lesbian scene if you could be patient through a really bad start.

Beautiful woman who loves to eat lesbian pussy as much as anyone

Here is the link :

she loves to eat pussy ..>I am her :)

These two young beautiful women set the stage with a cliche and predictable plot that they hate each other, have to do a project together, get locked into a room overnight, and end up getting drunk, confessing their college lesbian experimentation, and begin to have sex. So, all of that set up is something I need to look past to enjoy the clip.  The reason I am featuring this at all is because the first girl who goes down on the other girl is so pretty, and I get hot when a girl in jeans takes her top off and then tops another girl  When she performs oral it is VERY clear that she enjoys it as much as anyone ..well, almost as much as me.  Image provided to illustrate my point.   Enjoy :)

Real Amateur Lesbian Romance

hand holding amateur lesbian love in real free lesbian porn
First The Link

red hot amateur lesbian love
Very amateur feel and starting with the romantic pouring of wine on her girlfriends bellybutton, this one has me believing the girls are in it with feeling and meaning. The hand holding while one goes down on the other, the true look of pleasure on the girl getting eaten's face, there is undeniable reality without the porny fake boobs and false screams and busy camera crew.   This is a film that is exactly what I want to find and this is the jackpot. The grips on each other, the true desire to give pleasure makes me wet and need to come. The finish of mutual fingering and passionate making out gives this lesbian vid a feel that sets it apart from all the other free lesbian porn out there.  Just captures what it is like when women cuddle and finger each other enjoying the closeness as much or more than the tingles coming from the pussy.  Juicy licking and oral, amazing real life passion in fingering, and shots of pleasure porn actresses can't fake.
Juicy Lesbian Oral Closeup
unfakeable expression of lesbian pleasure

Not neccesarily a "lesbian" masturbation vid ..but gawd this worked for me.

 Not usually a fan of the vids where a guy shooting it instructs the girl what to do ....but having said that...I stayed with this one because the girl, Monica, is SO cute ..and so adorable in her honesty and innocence that I fell in love with her first...and then stayed for the multiple masturbation orgasms with her vibrator.  The close ups of her pussy made my mouth water to lick her so much.  She comes twice...I came and wanted more.

Making out and kissing lots in this one

SO SO SO good.   Blonde busty and slightly BBW American portraying a visiting academic with European lovely woman who is model skinny.  Both have incredible hair.  Kissing and making out is paramount in this clip which lasts 40 minutes.  Romantic dinner and wine conversation followed by the Hungarian leading the blonde to the bedroom.  I LOVE her boots, her white sweater, and the way she looks at her lover. So much of this is sensous making out (LOVE IT) that we don't even see the Hungarian woman's boobs until 18 minutes in and the blondes breasts until the 20 minute mark. This is all about the making out and wrapping each others legs while writhing. No director is hurrying the actresses and they genuinely appear to forget the camera is there.  Truly making love with one another.  I specifically enjoy the sounds of the making out ...breathing gets harder and harder. Such moaning and pleading "please touch me."

Its gentle and oh so deliciously slow. Magic fingers.  Then the blonde goes down on her, licking her through the panties while fingering herself.  And in a wonderful position shown, the European plants her feet into the blondes pussy and massages her that way while the blonde continues to tongue lap. She pulls her panties aside and the blonde fingers her wonderfully.

The cuddling and kissing at the end is as good as any filmed makeout.  This is the most sensous scene I've ever witnessed.

If you like it when they strip down and get into the action...this is not for you.  it's the total opposite.

An Orgasmic Lesbian Massage Vid with Everything - Natural Orgasms, Tribbing, Incredible Oral

I am in love with this womans beauty - anyone name her ?
clutching and supporting her while fingering ...perfect
Let me start this post by saying that as a woman of meager financial means, I have never actually had a professional massage.  After seeing this clip, I may need to change that.  Having said that, as it is in my nature, I enjoy giving massage to women, and knowing what I know ..for instance, just how wet a good massage will get my girl, I almost don't see how it's possible for these professionals and their clients to NOT have some sort of sexual contact ...but I guess that it's considered unprofessional.

I have never been a fan of lesbian massage sex videos ..nor the I am befuddled as to how to explain how I clicked on this video and got so immersed in it.  The first reason is that the butch masseuse has beautiful tattoos.  I wanted to see the work so that's one reason ..and another reason I got sucked into this one was the absolutely stunning long haired fem with beautiful natural breasts and a beautiful natural body as well.
If I ask myself, "would you want to have sex on a massage table," I would say that was not comfortable.  I now have a demonstration as to how this is done.  And it is beautiful, sensual, erotic, orgasmic, and was a great way this morning to slowly play with my pussy while enjoying the sex these two women let us in on, while scripted a bit and professionally done porn, it comes across very much as though the women forgot the camera crew was there.  This lesbian sex scene had a believability  we don't often find.

The butch gives an amazing...AMAZING massage and I absolutely wanted her fingers on  my body just like that, while realizing that I also rub women down in a similar fashion.  She spits ...I dont spit...I don't think its hot usually, but the butch gets away with it in this scene with me.  (what do YOU think about spitting scenes?)   She gives head with absolute passion and desire for her lover, and the response from the long haired beauty is incredible.

tribbing on a massage table doesn't look so bad here
Together there whole experience is breathaking.  I give this a 5 of 5 or 10 of 10 or whatever rating is the highest.  It SO much surpassed what I thought I would get from this.  The massage leads to some licking to probe and see if she is interested.  Fingering leads to the girl being massaged flipping, where the butch holds and caresses her girl so wonderfully. The caressing scene as much as anything will bring me back again.  Then some tribbing ..again, HOW do they do this on a massage table ....but in the end when the fem comes while riding the brunettes leg, its SO real and there closeness comes off the scene, as I come into the palm of my hand.


massage feels so good...getting wet...don't stop

Hyapatia Lee Tit Fucks Jessica in Classic Orgasmic Lesbian Scene

From the classic lesbian porn files:

I love Hyapatia Lee ...classic porn artiste from when all this was shot on film and they tried (and failed) to present a plot in these movies.   Forgive the opening attempt in this 12 minute clip to justify in a plot line why these two women are in bed getting ready to have sex ...its plain awful.  But let Hyapatia take over where she is never faking and seems completely devoted to giving pleasure to Jessica Wylde with not just her fingers mouth lips and tongue.  I LOVE when I am making love with a woman to smoosh my boobs into a dripping wet slippery vagina erect nipple brushing on her clit with amazing electricity between the two. Love to do it to a girl who has never had it done and gauge her reaction ...and let her see mine.   And yes, I love it done back to me as well.   Hyapatia likes it like that too.  In this clip she does it at around the 5 minute mark, really looks beautiful in orgasmic throes getting eaten by Jessica, and its a nice clip from the days before when everyone shaved ...nothing wrong with a little hair pie :)

Hyapatia Lee and Jessica Wylde Lesbian

Hyapatia Lee Boob Fucks Jessyca Wylde