Lesbian Orgasm Compilation - Amateur

Review:  I think this is pretty much as hot as it gets for this type of thing. YES we women generally like some story, a bit of romance or purpose ...something in the video that demonstrates connection.  But ... this 10 minutes of  lesbian women moaning and coming starts the juices flowing quickly..and is good for a masturbatory quickie.


Its almost all oral orgasms, but the very last scene is perhaps the most orgasmic woman being fingered and it brought back memories to me of fingering a lover like that and her convulsions were very similar in response to my hand.

Pretty Little Liars Lesbian Love Emily & Maya Making Out

Riley Redi and Chastity Lynn Real Orgasms Lesbian Tribbing & Anal Pleasure

Link= http://xhamster.com/movies/1711078/riley_reid_amp_chastity_lynne_is_just_free_lesbian_loving..html (its free)
Rating-Best of the Best
Best Quality- Absolutely Authentic - Illusion of something R E A L going on

Riley Reid and Chastity Lynne are amazing in this one.  First we have actresses acting ... Blonde Chastity  is convincing in her role as Riley, now engaged to a boy, had never told her when they were younger that she was with "Carol."  She does appear genuinely hurt ..but again, it's a porn premise that like all of them seems over used and when I watch these I am looking for the disengenous moments and signs that the women are acting for the money, which pretty much ruins most lesbian scenes for me.   

Instead, in this scene, I've never been more convinced that these beautiful women have turned off in their minds the camera crew and are just really have a great, meaningful, truly authentic lesbian sex experience ...and they convey their characters love for one another ... having me believe there is almost no way this was a one time, collect the paycheck and scoot experience. (maybe Riley or Chastity can comment ?)

Shaking, thunderous, "complete me" orgasms from oral, tribbing, and Riley getting tongue rimmed and even anal penetrated by Chastity and her tongue while she masterfully manipulates her clit.  Their kisses are deep, and the highlight for me is when Riley is being made love to the noises she makes, moaning and breathing and when she moans "oh my g..." as she is coming or close to coming.  Gutteral grunts, rapidly increasing breathing ...both of them fully, totally in the bubble with each other. 


Turns out she has been nominated for AVN best girl scene and I can see why.

Did I come  ?  Yes ..OMG yes while clawing at my breasts and rolling my eyes back in my head.  Thank you ladies for this performance and the affection you showed.