Hyapatia Lee Tit Fucks Jessica in Classic Orgasmic Lesbian Scene

From the classic lesbian porn files:

I love Hyapatia Lee ...classic porn artiste from when all this was shot on film and they tried (and failed) to present a plot in these movies.   Forgive the opening attempt in this 12 minute clip to justify in a plot line why these two women are in bed getting ready to have sex ...its plain awful.  But let Hyapatia take over where she is never faking and seems completely devoted to giving pleasure to Jessica Wylde with not just her fingers mouth lips and tongue.  I LOVE when I am making love with a woman to smoosh my boobs into a dripping wet slippery vagina ...my erect nipple brushing on her clit with amazing electricity between the two. Love to do it to a girl who has never had it done and gauge her reaction ...and let her see mine.   And yes, I love it done back to me as well.   Hyapatia likes it like that too.  In this clip she does it at around the 5 minute mark, really looks beautiful in orgasmic throes getting eaten by Jessica, and its a nice clip from the days before when everyone shaved ...nothing wrong with a little hair pie :)

Hyapatia Lee and Jessica Wylde Lesbian

Hyapatia Lee Boob Fucks Jessyca Wylde