An Orgasmic Lesbian Massage Vid with Everything - Natural Orgasms, Tribbing, Incredible Oral

I am in love with this womans beauty - anyone name her ?
clutching and supporting her while fingering ...perfect
Let me start this post by saying that as a woman of meager financial means, I have never actually had a professional massage.  After seeing this clip, I may need to change that.  Having said that, as it is in my nature, I enjoy giving massage to women, and knowing what I know ..for instance, just how wet a good massage will get my girl, I almost don't see how it's possible for these professionals and their clients to NOT have some sort of sexual contact ...but I guess that it's considered unprofessional.

I have never been a fan of lesbian massage sex videos ..nor the I am befuddled as to how to explain how I clicked on this video and got so immersed in it.  The first reason is that the butch masseuse has beautiful tattoos.  I wanted to see the work so that's one reason ..and another reason I got sucked into this one was the absolutely stunning long haired fem with beautiful natural breasts and a beautiful natural body as well.
If I ask myself, "would you want to have sex on a massage table," I would say that was not comfortable.  I now have a demonstration as to how this is done.  And it is beautiful, sensual, erotic, orgasmic, and was a great way this morning to slowly play with my pussy while enjoying the sex these two women let us in on, while scripted a bit and professionally done porn, it comes across very much as though the women forgot the camera crew was there.  This lesbian sex scene had a believability  we don't often find.

The butch gives an amazing...AMAZING massage and I absolutely wanted her fingers on  my body just like that, while realizing that I also rub women down in a similar fashion.  She spits ...I dont spit...I don't think its hot usually, but the butch gets away with it in this scene with me.  (what do YOU think about spitting scenes?)   She gives head with absolute passion and desire for her lover, and the response from the long haired beauty is incredible.

tribbing on a massage table doesn't look so bad here
Together there whole experience is breathaking.  I give this a 5 of 5 or 10 of 10 or whatever rating is the highest.  It SO much surpassed what I thought I would get from this.  The massage leads to some licking to probe and see if she is interested.  Fingering leads to the girl being massaged flipping, where the butch holds and caresses her girl so wonderfully. The caressing scene as much as anything will bring me back again.  Then some tribbing ..again, HOW do they do this on a massage table ....but in the end when the fem comes while riding the brunettes leg, its SO real and there closeness comes off the scene, as I come into the palm of my hand.


massage feels so good...getting wet...don't stop