Making out and kissing lots in this one

SO SO SO good.   Blonde busty and slightly BBW American portraying a visiting academic with European lovely woman who is model skinny.  Both have incredible hair.  Kissing and making out is paramount in this clip which lasts 40 minutes.  Romantic dinner and wine conversation followed by the Hungarian leading the blonde to the bedroom.  I LOVE her boots, her white sweater, and the way she looks at her lover. So much of this is sensous making out (LOVE IT) that we don't even see the Hungarian woman's boobs until 18 minutes in and the blondes breasts until the 20 minute mark. This is all about the making out and wrapping each others legs while writhing. No director is hurrying the actresses and they genuinely appear to forget the camera is there.  Truly making love with one another.  I specifically enjoy the sounds of the making out ...breathing gets harder and harder. Such moaning and pleading "please touch me."

Its gentle and oh so deliciously slow. Magic fingers.  Then the blonde goes down on her, licking her through the panties while fingering herself.  And in a wonderful position shown, the European plants her feet into the blondes pussy and massages her that way while the blonde continues to tongue lap. She pulls her panties aside and the blonde fingers her wonderfully.

The cuddling and kissing at the end is as good as any filmed makeout.  This is the most sensous scene I've ever witnessed.

If you like it when they strip down and get into the action...this is not for you.  it's the total opposite.