Sincere Honest Multi Orgasmic Lesbian Love Scene w tribbing, anal, fingering, oral

OK...these are actresses acting in an acting scene.  There is a crew and a director is not as intimate as it seems.  But I will be damned if these girls weren't able to block all that out and truly make LOVE>.  This video has SO MUCH and got me off HARD 3x this morning. First, throughout the video the light haired girl with small breasts is just the best, most passionate, most sincere lover. She will do anything to pleasure her girl, and has amazing magic hands that I would die to have do me that way.  She takes her tongue and licks the anus of the dark haired large breasted tattooed girl.
The combinatiion of the finger and the tongue drives her wild.  Later, when the brunette gives, we see how WET that giving her girl pleasure has made the light haired girl.  Each trade multiple orgasms with very sincere and intimate oral, lots of fingering, a little tribbing, erotic tit sucking,  and wonderful and passionate making out.  I am convinced, despite the production, there was little or no acting.   I even have the idea that the scene is over for production purposes and these girls are saying to each other with their kisses and their bodies that "we aren't done yet."   The final kisses are so loving.
As always, I don't know the name of the actresses, so if you know pass it on.


  1. Jessie Andrews is the younger, lighter-haired one.

  2. Can we have the link?

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