Two Lesbian Blondes Finally Get Me :) (It takes awhile)

Here's the link :

These ladies have some sort of talk dealing with the plot  of what is the cute girls daughter ???  Not sure really ...was drawn in because, sometimes, it's just fun to see porn actresses give their all in ACTING and she did.  The larger breasted, longer haired blonde seems like she might have the IQ of a loaf of bread to be honest, and the director, if they are ad libbing, lets go of an enormous hiccup where one of the women seems to go from "all the girls want me," to, "I've never had lesbian sex before."  But there is an anticipation in building towards the culmination of the seduction.  Lots of setup is rewarded because, as I am always looking for, there are genuine moments of affection once they get going.   The reverse position I have pictured below is ...OMG ...I love this position...and it seems to work genuinely for both of them.  REALLY good tribbing toward the end of the clip from the girl who is supposedly having her first time.  The blonde on bottom of this has very defined leg muscles ..strong...which is really sexy to me.  Lots of breast to breast contact is erotic too.  I LOVE to suck tits when I am on the bottom ...bring it to my mouth, and she does.   I want ...I WANT the Sandy haired blonde with natural boobs ...turned out to be a surprisingly good lesbian scene if you could be patient through a really bad start.

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