AMAZING KISSING, tongue sucking, deeeeeeep kissing ...moaning while kissing .>AMAZING

This is the vid that had it all for me.  First, the things I like to do or the things I could most relate to:
 The orgasms were real,
there was face sitting while toe sucking
a really cute tattoo,
Loud slurping (I love doing this to a girl)
The blonde girl has about the most talented mouth and tongue I have ever witnessed. Period.
The most believable excstacy I have ever witnessed.
Both girls spend alot of time licking labia's not all about the clit.
Lots of long flat tongue, this is how it feels good even if it isn't the best porn look good way, up and down labia licking from the bottom to the top to the clit and back down again.
The brunettes skills induce the blondes hips and thighs to quiver uncontrolably
When the brunette giving head to the blonde goes from her gyrating neck and head movements to stopping cold and just only sucking on the clit, I can FEEL the blonde shaking as if I was the one giving head. 

and things I haven't done nor really dreamed of like a reversed butt lick and thumbing
...for me I have licked a woman's anus but it has to be certifiably clean
I could have done without the spitting ..I really never like that, but it's personal preference I suppose, and in this scene combined with the thumbing while the girl was in doggie position it looked fantastic. 

Here is the vid ..would love to know the actress names of course.  AMAZING KISSING. 

The Blonde & Brunette - Yes Typical ..but Oh SO HOT Lesbian Tribbing

This video starts so silly and contrived I almost didn't stick around to finish.  In the beginning  the two lovers we will witness love flourish with later happen upon two girls in bed, and then a four way discussion of what to expect with lesbian sex leads to three blonde girls going over on the brunette who is acting inexperienced and innocent.  (Trust me, this isn't her first time)   The semantics in the start are put there to give some semblance of plt, but the real story of two women falliing in sexual love starts when the original two leave the room, about 5 or 6 minutes into this vid.
Click here to view this video :)   (may be removed ..beyond my control)

Watch the brunettes natural breasts sway and her nipples just shoot to erection when the blonde strokes her arms with her fingernails.    The holding and cuddling is sensuous and affectionate.  The breast sucking is so erot ic, and when the blonde is sucking on the brunettes breast and her chest blushes red, you can feel her real excitement and anticipation.

There are ankle kisses and thigh kisses and delicious and very real moans as the blonde begins to go down on the brunette.  Her smile and pleasure is genuine.  She rakes her nails over the brunettes thighs and kisses and licks her way up to the panties before pulling the dress up revealing a very pretty tattoo, continues her full body tongue assault by kissing her belly, and at that point the gorgeous blondes incredible breasts are freed when the dark haired beauty unclasps the bra of her blonde lover.
Then, its absolutely one of my favorite exquisite moments from my own life when the cunnilingus begins with a tonguing through the panties.  That feels so so good I know and there is know faking the absolute pleasure the brunette feels no matter how playful she acts.  Then, full frenching of the labia and warm, flat tongue causes the heat to rise in the room as the blonde begins to guide her girl towards her orgasm.  Her techiniques include rapid tongue flicks on the tongue and kisses along the upper thigh.    Then open mouth and rocking her head back and forth while sucking begins to drive the brunette wild, and they eye contact the blonde makes while giving caused me to shudder over my whole body as I began to near my own orgasm.   You hear sucking sounds and the moaning becomes the cries of a woman losing control, her thighs arch in towards the licking blonde as her fingeres and hands clasp for any tuft of sheet she can get hold of.  The orgasm is SO real as her thighs shake and rock while the blonde continues to pilot her pleasure with her incredible mouth.  The blonde offers gentle tender kisses upon her baby's pussy as the brunette comes down from her cloud 9 experience with a smile and wonder.

The blonde arises to tender kisses and breast to breast making out while the brunette on the bottom wraps her legs lovingly around the girl who just sent her to heaven and back, and their kisses are so intense and realistic.   If you think we are about to flip positions to a "my turn now" moment, you are wrong.  Like the way I make love, the blonde is not finished giving love and goes down to finger and give more oral.  The brunette quickly reaches her second orgasm which seems more powerful than the first.
Now the brunette exclaims, "you are being too nice," and a reversal ensues where the blonde gets on all fours and the brunette goes behind and zeroes in on the blondes pussy for her first taste which comes from
back there. The blonde is pretty worked up by now and with her pretty ankle tattoo in vew the blonde's eyes roll back while the brunette moans while giving oral from behind.   The photography is incredible when she says "just like that," and it feels pretty real when the orgasm is driven by rapid palming on the clit ...a great way to get off.  The blonde is so overworked that her hand joins in to drive the end of her orgasms by masturbating and the two seem in love and placated....but there is still much more.
How erect the blondes nipples appear after her orgasm and the two engage in more breast to breast making out with such fiery passion, and tongue sucking which drives me crazy just watching it.   It's perfect.  The two are writhing on each other before every last stitch of clothing is finally removed.
The brunette then sets herself for tribbing on her knees and holding the blondes leg up and controlling the friction.  This is the exact way I LOVE to grind and scissor, and you can see how it feels for both women.  As the lesbian who loves free porn, this is the moment that makes all the difference to me...when it does not matter that there is a camera crew and director and light and sound guy in the room, those distractions have vanished and these two are so into it they are into their own world.
A word to the bi curious women who read this, or anyone else this applies to.  Until you feel wet pussy to pussy grinding thats just right, you cannot imagine the flood of good sexual feeling and emotional intimacy that happens when the electricity of this kind of contact is just right.  It is the most amazing feeling and addictive and so special are the vibes between two women ...there is just nothing that compares. It isn't always orgasmic, but it is always powerfully intimate.
In this case it is mutually orgasmic, and they way they clutch at each other reminds me so much of my own experience this way. Overpowering and exhausting.   Thats followed by the sweetest most warm and wonderful cuddling and stroking with some sweet pillow talk, and then the brunette goes down fingering and sucking her lover one more time, sucking and fingering at the same time as another back arching, hip quaking, slurping, screaming, out of control orgasm occurs.  It's real.   So real.

OMG there has been so much, what could be left.  I am spent watching them.  The blonde snuggles her brunette from behind and reach down to finger her as expertly as anything I have ever seen as they look into each others eyes.  The brunettes chest clearly flushes red with undeniable ecstasy as she shudders to another strong come, and I am left feeling like what  I just witnessed for over a half an hour is what the best lesbian sex should be...a contest to see who can make each other feel the best ..and everybody wins, including us,m the viewers who, if you are lucky as I was, come a couple of times with them.

How I Love To Go Down

I had to post this.  For anyone who has read my blog at I have often tried to describe this, my favorite position for doing my favorite thing ..eating pussy.  It almost never shows up on lesbian porn.  So this post is entitled "how I like to go down" ...but if you watch the vid, I think you will find merit in the beautiful soft eyes and erotic sincerity from the brunette, and from the blondes wonderful nipples.  She really does have nice nipples.  Good golly I am horny after watching this.  Both have very real, unfaked orgasms and after the cameras get done, I bet they go on a date :)
Here is the link

Sincere Honest Multi Orgasmic Lesbian Love Scene w tribbing, anal, fingering, oral

OK...these are actresses acting in an acting scene.  There is a crew and a director is not as intimate as it seems.  But I will be damned if these girls weren't able to block all that out and truly make LOVE>.  This video has SO MUCH and got me off HARD 3x this morning. First, throughout the video the light haired girl with small breasts is just the best, most passionate, most sincere lover. She will do anything to pleasure her girl, and has amazing magic hands that I would die to have do me that way.  She takes her tongue and licks the anus of the dark haired large breasted tattooed girl.
The combinatiion of the finger and the tongue drives her wild.  Later, when the brunette gives, we see how WET that giving her girl pleasure has made the light haired girl.  Each trade multiple orgasms with very sincere and intimate oral, lots of fingering, a little tribbing, erotic tit sucking,  and wonderful and passionate making out.  I am convinced, despite the production, there was little or no acting.   I even have the idea that the scene is over for production purposes and these girls are saying to each other with their kisses and their bodies that "we aren't done yet."   The final kisses are so loving.
As always, I don't know the name of the actresses, so if you know pass it on.

Two Lesbian Blondes Finally Get Me :) (It takes awhile)

Here's the link :

These ladies have some sort of talk dealing with the plot  of what is the cute girls daughter ???  Not sure really ...was drawn in because, sometimes, it's just fun to see porn actresses give their all in ACTING and she did.  The larger breasted, longer haired blonde seems like she might have the IQ of a loaf of bread to be honest, and the director, if they are ad libbing, lets go of an enormous hiccup where one of the women seems to go from "all the girls want me," to, "I've never had lesbian sex before."  But there is an anticipation in building towards the culmination of the seduction.  Lots of setup is rewarded because, as I am always looking for, there are genuine moments of affection once they get going.   The reverse position I have pictured below is ...OMG ...I love this position...and it seems to work genuinely for both of them.  REALLY good tribbing toward the end of the clip from the girl who is supposedly having her first time.  The blonde on bottom of this has very defined leg muscles ..strong...which is really sexy to me.  Lots of breast to breast contact is erotic too.  I LOVE to suck tits when I am on the bottom ...bring it to my mouth, and she does.   I want ...I WANT the Sandy haired blonde with natural boobs ...turned out to be a surprisingly good lesbian scene if you could be patient through a really bad start.

Beautiful woman who loves to eat lesbian pussy as much as anyone

Here is the link :

she loves to eat pussy ..>I am her :)

These two young beautiful women set the stage with a cliche and predictable plot that they hate each other, have to do a project together, get locked into a room overnight, and end up getting drunk, confessing their college lesbian experimentation, and begin to have sex. So, all of that set up is something I need to look past to enjoy the clip.  The reason I am featuring this at all is because the first girl who goes down on the other girl is so pretty, and I get hot when a girl in jeans takes her top off and then tops another girl  When she performs oral it is VERY clear that she enjoys it as much as anyone ..well, almost as much as me.  Image provided to illustrate my point.   Enjoy :)

Real Amateur Lesbian Romance

hand holding amateur lesbian love in real free lesbian porn
First The Link

red hot amateur lesbian love
Very amateur feel and starting with the romantic pouring of wine on her girlfriends bellybutton, this one has me believing the girls are in it with feeling and meaning. The hand holding while one goes down on the other, the true look of pleasure on the girl getting eaten's face, there is undeniable reality without the porny fake boobs and false screams and busy camera crew.   This is a film that is exactly what I want to find and this is the jackpot. The grips on each other, the true desire to give pleasure makes me wet and need to come. The finish of mutual fingering and passionate making out gives this lesbian vid a feel that sets it apart from all the other free lesbian porn out there.  Just captures what it is like when women cuddle and finger each other enjoying the closeness as much or more than the tingles coming from the pussy.  Juicy licking and oral, amazing real life passion in fingering, and shots of pleasure porn actresses can't fake.
Juicy Lesbian Oral Closeup
unfakeable expression of lesbian pleasure